St. Martin's Episcopal Preschool Houston, Texas


Chapel enriches children’s understanding of Jesus’ love, sharing, giving thanks, family love, and God’s world.


Music is planned for all classes. The children enjoy a happy learning experience singing songs, playing instruments, and learning rhythms. The teachers reinforce music in their daily activities by having the children participate in creative movement, singing, listening and music appreciation.

Character Education

Each week, children are introduced to a valuable character trait and taught the importance it carries in life.  At St. Martin’s Episcopal Preschool, we teach that “Good manners make the world a nicer place.”

Motor Skills

Motor Skills classes are designed to strengthen and enhance the children’s overall fine and gross motor skill development.

Simple Science

Our Science program combines life science, physical science and filled with hands-on experiences for every child to enjoy.


Every week, children visit the library for a themed storytime, including books and movement activities. The Pre-K classes are visited by “Library on Wheels,” a book cart filled with age-appropriate library books for the Pre-K’s to select and check out. Our library collection can be searched online.


Children learn about life cycles and participate in a hands-on experience, from planting seeds to eating fresh vegetables.